Shanah Tovah .... A Good Year

A traditional wish based on a non-traditional Challah cover ... Metallic threads and multi-colored satin and ribbons on velvet ... hand-embroidered and appliqued ... from the studio of Adina Gatt / Efod Art Embroidery, Nahariya, Israel.

Adina envisioned and created the Original PEACE Piece ... inspiration for the Pieced Paper PEACE Quilt. .. and instigation for PEACE II: The Book and PEACE III: Prayer. Visit her virtual studio at It takes time to load; but it is worth the wait to see the incredible Parochot, Torah mantles, Chuppot, Challah and Matzah covers, Omer calendars, Tallitot and wall-hangings.

Or enter my world of artists in Israel at or visit the PEACE PROJECTS at .