Behind an ornate iron gate
in a tranquil home
in Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter
lives with her family.

Here and at her studio in the German colony
she creates intricate Judaica
based on biblical quotes and prayers,
complete megilot, ketubot - marriage contracts,
wall-art and ornamentation for the home.

Most of her paper cuts
are one-of-a-kind, hand cut parchment,
painted in intricate detail,
miniature images enhanced with gold.
These pieces take weeks and months to complete.

Recently, Luba has created a series
intended to be laser cut, simply mounted and framed.
Each is an elegant statement for the Jewish home
a treasure rich with symbolism from Israel
and available a reasonable prices.

The first five pieces include:
Chai- the Hebrew word meaning life
the root of the phrase l'chayim .... to life
Birkat Hacohanim - The Priestly Blessing
Birkat Habayit - The Home Blessing
Mizrach - a sign for the eastern wall
A frame which can be completed with calligraphy

Let me show you some pieces from her studio.

Or .... contact Luba directly.