at Beit Lohamei Hagetaot
he Ghetto Fighters' Kibbutz

In mid-May
Deena and I visited Beit Lohamei Hagetaot ~
the Ghetto Fighters' Kibbutz
north of Hiafa ~ between Akko and Nahariya

Yad Layeled ... the museum of and for children;
a very special tribute
to the children who died in the holocaust
and to those who survived
built on ashes
created to teach the children of now and the future

We visited in the chapel
Tefillat Haadam
The chapel where it is hoped many children
will chose to hold their Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel

We had come to photograph
so we could share the story

The Chapel is bright and welcoming 
and includes a women's section with
The Parochet
~ the Ark curtain,
the Shulchan cover ~ the table cover
and the Meil ~ the Torah Mantle
were all created by Adina Gatt and Efod Art Embroidery.

We stood in awe of the Torah, 
whose cover reads V'Hanaar Eyneno Etanu ....
the child is not with us
in memory of all the children of the Holocaust
who did not survive to become bnai mitzvah
children of the covenant.

On March 27, Mathieu Miller
celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in
Tefillat Haadam
The actual service followed
a guided tour of Yad Layeled for the family's guests.

On Memorial Day
we remember many things
and many people.
This year
I most clearly remember those
who served and survived WWII
and the survivors
who became my cousins.

In Peace


   For more information about Yad Layeled, the museum, the chapel, and the Bnai Mitzvah program,
   please call: 201.833.5040

   To learn more about the American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters' Kibbutz
   visit their website at:  www.friendsofgfh.org