Hutzot Hayotzer

Jerusalem's Arts & Crafts Alley


There is something very special about the group of talented craftspeople
who have workshops, studios and showrooms here.
They are warm and welcoming ~
willing to show and explain their work.
Plan time to browse, to possibly make a new friend,
and ~ of course ~ to buy.


Adina Gatt has a bright, colorful, beautifully renovated space
which she shares with the silver and metal work of the Davach family. 
It is located at the end of the longer building
with the entrance "round the corner".
Deena was enthralled by the displayed work
and thrilled with a hug from Adina
while standing in front of a hand embroidered off-white chuppah

Once you have shopped the magnjificent appliqued and embroidered pieces,
the challah and matza cover, the Torah mantles and Rimonim ~ crowns,
the Etrog bags and family heritage pillows:


Walk up the stairs and visit Oshrit's Calligraphy and paintings,
Sari's silver ~ Be certain to ask her about the charity bag
and the repouse mezuzah 

Then visit Emil and Soosie
The ritual silver pieces and jewelry are like magic.

For me, Hutzot Hayotzer is a time of inspiration
a place of friendship
so ... please be sure and visit my friends
and tell them that Adina's friend Barbi sent you.